The Art of Adulting: Confessions of a Fresh Graduate

Do you remember that night? The one when you were extremely thrilled and knew precisely what you wanted, you knew what you want to do in life and exactly what would make you happy? Also, do you remember that other night, when you felt lost in middle of nowhere, where nothing made sense, and the feeling of being stuck was constantly weighing you down?


After college, these are the two extremes that everyone struggles to deal with. Well, almost everyone. Some people know exactly what they want, be it getting married, or starting up on their own or working at their dream job. But some have no clue what they’re going to do until the realization that college is now finally over, hits home. If you know or if you don’t, either way this is the beginning of the journey of becoming an adult, when you realize the inevitable has finally arrived. It’s confusing though, because once you thought people who are in their twenties are adults and have their life sorted, but now that you’re actually living that part of your life, you realize you weren’t this lost ever before. For the first time now, the choices are yours to make. While parents might offer their two bits on what you could do or what you shouldn’t do, but the ball really is in your court. It is up to you to decide which path you wish to take.

This is exactly the time when your life starts to oscillate from that night of knowing what you want and the night when you felt stuck. All of a sudden you have to face responsibilities that you were never even aware of. If living alone, there are a zillion things that you’re doing that you didn’t even know existed. Your job isn’t exactly what you thought it will be, and the things you do at work, your college self had never even thought of doing it. One day, you love your job, you feel invincible, and you feel like the owner of your own life and know exactly how you’ll make it flow ahead. But, on another day you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, it all seems meaningless and you feel like you’ve off roaded so far away that now you don’t even know where you are. There are conflicts every day. At once, you’re doing what you should to meet a target, while the moral police in the back of your head is judging you and questioning your actions. All of a sudden, your parents come up with the notion that it’s the perfect time to get you hitched, but you’re thinking ‘ Hey! How am I supposed to keep someone else happy when I myself am such a chaos?’

This all builds up and at the end of the day, when you come back home and think; all you can remember is what a free bird you used to be. College was so much fun, and all of a sudden you’re someone you don’t even recognize, and to top it off, everyone around you is constantly asking you what your next plans are?

I know how annoying this can be. But, the good news is, nobody else knows what they’re doing either. Even if they know what they want, the journey to get there in its self is full of surprises and its own share of difficulties. The problem is, not many of us share this side with the people who are going through the same transition. And believe me, by sharing and talking about this, not only will it make you feel better, but it will give you the relief that yes in fact, you’re not alone. It will help you explore more options, possibilities and you’ll be able to understand the situation in a better manner. This is the best time to explore and experience everything that can help you fully realize the potential that is inside you. If you are finding it difficult to adjust at your new workplace, let things settle for some time and see. But, if you still think that no, it’s not for you, then just simply switch and do what you think will give you happiness. You’ll have to adjust anywhere you go, but to know what you’ll be comfortable with, you’ll just have to go ahead and give it a try.  It is perfectly all right to not be in a rush to start working once you graduate from college, because once you start working then it’s very difficult to take a pause and resume. Take a break after college if need be and explore yourself, find out what you want to do, and go embark on that journey; for it is the journey that counts. After all, the twenties are the table turners, the time to explore the real you. And whenever you get back to those nights of feeling stuck, just know that you just need to hang in there and this too shall pass.

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