ms dhoni

MSD- The Man, The Leader.

Just when we all think that 2017 is going to be an awesome year, a dark evening comes for every cricket fan.
Yes 4.Janurary.2017 will always be remember by cricket fans especially the Dhoni ones.
In a very suprise move, like always MS Dhoni finishes off in a style.
From now people will surely miss such words , ” The boys really played well” & ” MSD wins the toss”. Not only this we also used to say him ” Captian cool”. So we are also going to miss him but he will be the forever captain cool even if he has stepped down.
MSD has always been the most selfless player of the entire cricket. Giving up the captaincy for the team’s future is a small sacrifice for the man who has come late in batting order for his entire career for team & made us proud every single time.

Being a Dhoni fan we have always respected his every decision but this time he broke millions of hearts cause everyone was waiting for the World Cup 2019.
Now this is the time that we all stand up & applaud a magnificent servent & indeed a leader of Indian Team. So a big thank you Captian cool for giving us the best iconic moments of our lives that we will cherish forever.


Now when he has stepped down from captaincy his real time has come to enjoy himself, enjoy the game, to play more freely & to give more sexy helicopter shots. Because at the end of the what matters the most is that how hungry Dhoni is, how passionate he is.
And moreover in midst of all these, his dear wife Sakshi has said something very well in her tweet that, ” There are no mountains high enough to stop you from climbing, So proud of you”.
Yes MAHI like your wife we all are so proud of you but please do not stop giving us the pleasure to see your helicopter shots.
Thank you captain cool.
You came, You Saw, You conquered & then you left silently.
Take a bow Man.


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